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05/11/12 @ 12:26pm
I know I haven't been the most active Tink, but life got super busy when I didn't think it would, but it slowed down again thankfully. I would love to be Tinkerbell in the other group if you don't already have one. :D

Of course! Just send an IC ask to the other blog. =D

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@ 11:06am
//I wish the group could stay open, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, we have a Mad Hatter already at DERP, so I'm keeping this blog just in case I decide to take on a new character in the other group. Thank you for the time spent here. It was wonderful.

Yes! Thank you for being a part of this group as well as DERP. <3

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@ 11:05am
I would love to continue with the other disney rp group you have. Is Wendy taken??? I didn't see her name on the trick or treat list :Z

We have a Wendy but I know her irl and last I spoke to her, she didn’t think she could keep up with the blog anymore. I’ll ask her for you.

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@ 07:31am

I’m back. However we seem less inactive than normal.

The actual mods/creators have not shown up in quite some time, we’re losing members and….this is really painful but I think…I think it’s time to shut the doors on this group.

You all are more than welcome to come over to the other group I run ‘Disney Elites Roleplay' and make use of your characters. No audition required since I know how wonderful you all are at rp-ing. I think the only character unavailable is Wendy but she might not be able to keep up with the blog anymore.

I would love to keep in contact with you all if you decide not to join the other group. So my personal tumblr is enchantedraven.

Thank you all so much for your support and dedication to this group. It is incredible and never did I think it would happen.

I love you all. <3

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02/11/12 @ 07:25am


Happy Halloween from the Disney Princesses!

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29/10/12 @ 07:06am

We’ve hit a rough spot with getting members and hopefully as fall break start for most we’ll be getting more.

Marina is still on hiatus till AFTER Halloween. I work at a Halloween store so the next few days will be total chaos. Wish me luck. XD

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25/10/12 @ 07:37pm
Jane Darling, reporting for duty!


Audition today at Uncanon Disney & Friends RP!

Audition today at Uncanon Disney &amp; Friends RP!


Audition today at Uncanon Disney & Friends RP!